To view your Daily Bandwidth Snapshots report, first log into your Luminate CMS.
Once there go to Reports and Tools > All Reports and Tools.
Under Usage click Daily Bandwidth Snapshots Reports.
This will load the Daily Bandwidth Snapshots Reports.

The Daily Bandwidth Snapshots report allows you to monitor your site's bandwidth to ensure that you do not exceed the limits specified in your (Undefined variable: GlobalVariables.CompanyName) contract. If you are close to the bandwidth limits, refer to Reducing Your Monthly Usage for more information. You can view the report as a grid or a chart.

For each day of the month, the bandwidth report lists the number of visits, pages viewed, hits, and average bandwidth used:

  • Number of visits - The number of times that a unique client visits the site, regardless of how many pages they view.

  • Pages - The number of pages viewed.

  • Hits - The number of files viewed. One page view can have multiple hits as each item loaded onto the page - images, videos, etc. - counts as a hit.

  • Bandwidth - The average bandwidth used for the day.