1. Add a query category called "Luminate" on the query page of Raiser's Edge.
  2. Create a Constituent query without any Sort fields
  3. Save the query and mark thecheckbox Other users may execute this query
  4. Add the query to the Luminate Category
  5. In Luminate Online, click on Constituent 360 > Groups
  6. Click the "Map a New Group to an off-line segment" button
  7. Enter a name, description, security mode, and security category
  8. In the Group Type dropdown, choose RE Groups
  9. In the Map to Offline Logical Segment dropdown, select the query created in Step 2 in The Raiser's Edge
  10. Mark the option to Periodically rebuild group membership if needed
  11. Click Save. The group will now appear in Constituent 360 > Groups for use with Luminate Online
NOTE: To ensure the Raiser's Edge query appears successfully in Luminate Online ensure the query is not a merge query, there are no sort fields, the query category in Raiser's Edge is called "Luminate", and the checkbox Others may execute this query is marked.

For more information on the integration between Luminate Online and The Raiser's Edge, see The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online Integration Guide.