Reenrollment forms act as a profile update form, populating the current Education Edge record information into the form, and allowing users to add, remove, or replace information as needed.  Existing field values are also automatically populated on the form, and will overwrite the defaulted value within the field.  

For example:
- A yes/no student attribute exists on the Education Edge record.  
- The current value on the record is "no".  
- The reenrollment form has a hidden field with a default value of "yes".  
When the applicant accesses the reenrollment form, the value on the form will populate to what exists on the record, which is a value of "no".  Because the field is hidden, the applicant does not have the opportunity to change the value.
When the form is submitted, it passes back the value of "no".

In order to pass back the defaulted value of the hidden field on the form, you can use any of the following alternative approaches:
  • Create a new attribute each year to record the data on the student record
  • Unhide the field, and allow applicants to change the value before submitting
  • Globally remove the existing field values from the appropriate records in The Education Edge, so that the reenrollment form adds the value to the record. This will not work for Yes/No fields as there is no blank value.