To properly add a document library link into a PageBuilder or other content you will need to insert the link via the WYSIWYG editor, rather than using the link located in the document library itself. The link located in the document library is for internal use only. To use the WISYWIG link follow these steps (This will apply to all WYSIWYG editors):
  1.  Highlight the text or image in the content you would like to link
  2. Choose the link icon from the WYSIWYG options
  3. In the next window choose the grey button "Browse Links"
  4. Under the "Link Type" column choose Document Library
  5. The list of document names will show in the right column
  6. Choose the document needed
  7. Choose End User Document from the drop down box, and add an interest and a promo code if needed.
  8. Choose select and then insert