1. Find the folder in the Website Explorer and select it
2. Check the box next to the folder level you want to restrict
3. Click the Key icon in the menu at the top
4. A list of names will pop up of who has access
5. Select Change to change/remove a users access level
6. To add a new user make sure they have Admin access in Luminate, and enter their first or last name or email in the search box and hit "search"
7. Select the name from the list and hit "change" and select the proper level of access for the Admin
8. Select "Author" for the Admin to be able to create articles and pages but require approval from a manager
9. Select Manager to create new articles and pages or to approve Author pages.
10. Select change and they will be provided access to that folder, and that folder only.
11. Select the main URL folder at the top of the Website Manager for complete site access