Yes, it is indeed possible to use the S32 tag in CMS, as long as you have the S32 tag in a reusable pagebuilder page that is being pulled into CMS using the "Embed Luminate contents" component.

Place the following S32 code into a reusable Pagebuilder page,
[[S32:3_0_6_tall_2_-1_true_false_all]], and saved it naming it "testa".

Then, in the new CMS page, click on the component for "Embed Luminate contents," which opens a new CLO window, and enter the following S51 tag, [[S51:testa]]. Click Save.
The storybuilder articles now appear in that CMS page.

You may encounter some issues with content not saving when using the CMS admin editor with Chrome, so it is recommended to use IE.