There are a few reasons why products may not be viewable in your store:

  • Product has not yet been published.
  • The security setting for the product is not set to a level for people to view.  Best practice is to normally set this to a security setting of “General” so it can be viewed by anyone unless it is a “Members Only Store”.
  • Store security category is set too high.  This is configured in the eCommerce store in the Store Availability setting.  General is normally the best setting unless it is a “Members Only Store”.
  • Set a publish product date for a day in the future.
  • The product has inventory tracked with 0 as the quantity available. If you track inventory for a product and show that there are none "in stock" the product will not display at all.
Alternatively, you may be looking at a cached version of the store, see this article. In addition, browser caching is particularly prevalent with eCommerce stores so that the contents of your "cart" persist, even if you aren't logged in. Clear your browser cache or use another browser to see any changes made since you began your session.