The following TeamRaiser pages can easily be made responsive:
  1. Greeting
  2. Find a Participant
  3. Team Selection
  4. Team Password
  5. Participation Options
  6. Returning Participant Login
  7. Registration Information
  8. Secondary Registration Information
  9. Waiver
  10. Registration Summary
  11. Thank You
  12. Company List Page
  13. Default Company Page
  14. Team List Page
  15. Default Team Page
  16. Top Participants List Page
  17. Payment Page
  18. Billing Information
  19. ConfirmationDefault Personal Page
See also How do I enable the Payments Page for a TeamRaiser event?

The following TeamRaiser Pages, are not easily made responsive.
  1. Home Page
  2. Participant Center
Here you will find a responsive design kit as well as a webinar video showing how to you use it. TeamRaiser Responsive Pagewrapper Kit