1. Navigate to the Content tab and choose PageBuilder
  2. Search for the page builder you would like to embed your survey in
  3. When your PageBuilder page appears in the list choose the Manage option
  4. This option will take you to a list of page versions
  5. Choose the edit content option on the page version you would like to edit *
  6. On the edit page choose the grey pencil icon in the upper right hand corner
  7. A new window will open called 1. HTML content.
  8. In this window you should have a drop down list titled --Components--
  9. From this drop down list you will choose the survey option
  10. Once you choose this option you will be promted to choose from a list of surveys
  11. When you locate the survey you need click Insert.
  12. Click Save and then click the purple Finish button.

*Never edit a live PageBuilder page. Either edit a different version, or copy the current live version to edit.