There's no way to redirect the page using CMS syntax, but you can check for a mobile session, and then use this code:

<t:if test="matches(path,'/')">


Nested within the check for isMobile and include a JavaScript redirect that fires. and sends someone to that page.

It's worth noting here that the CMS system doesn't have a "mobile" wrapper per se, but it has a wrapper that's setup to be used as a mobile wrapper and conditionalized to look differently when the user is in a mobile session, rather than redirecting the user to a /mobile/ folder or a type subdomain.

Here's a quick guide on setting up that path matching:

Match Where? Regular Expression Example Title
At the beginning of the string... Dog.* Dogs Gone Wild!
Anywhere in the string... .*Dog.* A Dog Day Afternoon
At the end of the string... .*Dog I Cannot Eat One More Hot Dog