1. Be sure you are not double clicking on anything within eTapestry.  Nothing in eTapestry requires a double click.
  2. If you start a process, wait till it has finished before starting another one.  If you start a process and need it to be stopped, you can contact support to see if the process can be terminated.  There is only a small window for a process to be stopped, so you'll want to contact support quickly.  If the process cannot be stopped, you can often log in on a second user account and continue working.  The request typically only ties up the user that started it.  If you do not have a secondary user account, you'll want to read  How to add a new user account.
  3. If you notice that requests are starting smoothly and then run into a Too Many Actions error after a minute or two, you'll need to adjust the Proxy settings or your browser or the TCP settings on your Firewall.  If you do not know how to do this, you'll need to get with your IT department to assist you.  We recommend that you allow 60 minutes for a request to run, or just to disable the proxy settings on your browser altogether.

    If you are working with queries/reports and running into these issues, it could be that they are too complex.  You may want to schedule the report to run at a later time.  You can review How to Schedule a Report to Run Off Hours for more information.  You can also contact support and ask them to review your query/report build to ensure it is setup in the most efficient way.