It is possible, yes. If the parent registration's constituent record has the same email address as the children registrations' constituent records. Luminate Online will never send the same email to the same constituent record more than once but if there are multiple records with the same email address, it is possible to send the same email to multiple email addresses. Potential work arounds for this include:

  1. Configure the TeamRaiser to allow the option to opt-out of emails when registering so parents can specifically opt-out their children. Note that the parent registration will still get duplicate autoresponders.
  2. Export all registrants into an excel file, manipulate the file to remove records with duplicate emails, and then import the remaining registrants into a group used for emailing.
  3. For the specific example of parents who register children, target emails using participation type and only send emails to participation types that do not correspond to children.
  4. Do not require an email address for the child registrations. This will create constituent records that cannot be emailed including autoresponders and gift notifications.
Note that the parent record will also get multiple autoresponders during registration if the same email address is used for the same child registrations.