The following types are supported:
  • Text - Maps to a string 
  • Checkbox - Maps to a boolean
  • Number - Maps to a number but Luminate Online does not support precision
  • Date
  • Picklist - Maps to text. If you enter an item in Luminate Online that does not exist in the Luminate CRM picklist, it appears in the picklist for that contact, but is not generally available to other contacts.
  • Picklist (Multi-select) - Maps to text. When you select multiple items in Luminate CRM, they appear in Luminate Online as "Item1;Item2;Item3"
  • Phone - Maps to text.
  • URL - Maps to text.
The following types map with some limitations:
  • Lookup - Maps to text. When using this mapping, you will get the Salesforce ID of the object in the text field in Luminate Online. There is no lookup facility in Luminate Online so this is effectively a Luminate CRM -> Luminate Online synchronization only.
  • Email - Maps to text. No validation of email on Luminate Online side. If invalid email entered from Luminate Online side, causes error in Luminate Integration. Luminate CRM has strict validation
  • Text Area - Maps to text. Multiline breaks are destroyed when sending from Luminate Online side.
The following types in Luminate CRM are not supported in Luminate Online:
  • Auto-number
  • Formula
  • Roll-up Summary
  • Percent
  • Currency
  • Date-Time
  • Text Area (Long, Rich, or Encrypted)