There are two main ways to track couple Accounts in eTapestry; both are outlined below.

1) If the couple will participate with your Organization in separate ways, you will want to enter two accounts, one for each partner in the relationship. You would then create a household relationship between the two Accounts. By creating separate Accounts, you can enter their personal information onto their personal Defined Fields and Journal pages and their joint information onto a Joint Persona. This Joint Persona would allow you to address the couple as a Household. For more information on creating these two Accounts, including the Household Relationship and Joint Persona please click here.

2) If the couple will always participate and give to your Organization together, then you may create one account for the couple. On the Persona page, you can create additional phone types if you would like; however, you cannot add any additional email fields to the Persona. This can make it difficult for mailings when you only want to mail to a specific individual. You could also create multiple personas for the account to enter their addresses and contact information. For further information for tracking multiple personas, click here. This method would allow you to track both partners information on the same Defined Fields and Journal page without using a Household Relationship.