This is a setting within the PageBuilder page.  When selecting which components to insert, most often you will want to insert an HTML component, and then edit from there.  However, if you have selected the "Survey" component, it will instead present a link that will then direct to the page itself.

To change this so the Survey is embedded on the page you will need to do the following:
  1. Create and edit a new version
  2. Where the Component elements are shown, select the "X" and delete the component
  3. Create a new HTML component in that place
  4. Edit the component and the select "Components" (in plain text) and the Component icon in the WYSIWYG
  5. Scroll down to Survey and select "Survey"
  6. Search for the Survey on the list and select "Insert"
  7. Complete the steps to publish the new version
For help on PageBuilder version management, check this article.