First the Head of Household (Spouse 1) account needs to be created
  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Add an Account
  3. Fill in the first spouse's name and Persona information
  4. Click Save and Go to Relationships
  5. Select New Relationship, under the Tasks menu
  6. Select the type of relationship that exists between the two Accounts
  7. Select Related Account
  8. The Find Account Window will pop up
  9. Click Add Account, 
  10. Fill in the First and Last Name of Spouse 2
  11. Click Copy Primary Persona from Related Account 
  12. Select the correct Persona type in the drop down menu (Personal)
  13. Finish filling out any remaining salutations or fields
  14. Click Save at the bottom of the Find Account window; it will close
  15. Under Household Relationship select Spouse 1 as the Primary
  16. Select Save and Go to Personas
  17. If you plan on keeping a separate Joint persona to store the same address information but have the Salutations reference the household, at the bottom of the Personas page choose to Copy this Persona to a Joint Persona
  18. On the Joint Persona customize the salutations (For example: Mr. & Mrs. John Smith) so that when used it addresses the household and not the individual account (which is likely stored in the Personal Persona)
  19. Click Save