Our developers are currently investigating whether an account in eTapestry can be marked as Opted Out any time that address is marked as Opted Out within Delivra. 
As a workaround, the account can be manually opted out within eTapestry;

1. Search for and open the account
2. Click the blue Personas link in the account header
3. Click the Change link in the Opt Out Settings section at the bottom of the page
4. Check off 'Opt out of all Mass Emails'
5. Click Save And under Tasks

You can request that this email address be opted back in. We suggest first making sure you have set up SPF and DKIM for Advance Mass Emails first so that you can ensure the best chance for delivery to their mailbox. Then, contact support and provide this article ID for reference. You will be asked to supply a copy of an email sent from the email address in question which states that the recipient would like to be opted back in.