For Surveys:
  1. Go to Content -> Surveys
  2. Edit the survey
  3. Go to step 10 and add your email address
For Donations
  1. Go to Fundraising -> Donation Management
  2. Edit the campaign (Note: This can only be done at the campaign level, not form by form)
  3. Go to Step 3: Specify Groups and Notifications
  4. Go to Step 2 and 3: check the boxes and add email addresses as needed,

For TeamRaiser Registration
  1. Go to  Fundraising -> TeamRaisers
  2. Edit the Teamraiser
  3. Go to Step 6: Manage Participation types
  4. Select edit
  5. Step B: Select Type Options
  6. Step 5: Notification List.
  7. Do this for each participant type