Where can I learn about Full-Service Intelligent Mail?
Full Service Intelligent Mail Fact Sheet
Intelligent Mail Guides and Technical Specifications 

Why was the deadline cancelled?
Anytime the USPS plans to increase rates, the proposal is reviewed by the Postal Regulatory Committee (PRC).  Rate increases must not exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The PRC ruling determined that the proposed changes for Full-Service Intelligent Mail were 4.1% for First Class, 3.1% for Periodicals, and 4.9% for Standard Mail. The price changes for Full-Service, in combination with the proposed postage rate increases, were above the CPI cap.  Therefore, the PRC gave the USPS 2 options: either reduce the proposed postage rates to account for the Full-Service rate increase or postpone the requirement for Full-Service.  The USPS opted to delay the Full-Service requirement for bulk mailers, to allow the single-piece rate increases to take effect.

Where can I read the Postal Regulatory Commission's decision?
Press Release: PRC Approves Annual CPI-based Postage Rate Increase; Concurrent Implementation of Full-Service IMb Remanded

Is there a new deadline?
The USPS has not issued a new deadline for Full-Service Intelligent Mail compliance.

Will PostalSaver be in compliance with Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirements if a new deadline is announced? 
Yes, PostalSaver will continue to comply with required standards for bulk mailing discounts for nonprofit organizations.