When you are creating a ticketed event, you can choose to set a limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased or allow unlimited ticket purchases. The number of tickets available defaults to 0.  So if a ticket type is showing as "Sold Out" when no tickets have been purchased, you most likely set the ticket type to have a purchase limit but did not set the total number of tickets available. To fix this:
  1. Go to Content > Events > Next to the event in question click "Edit"
  2. Go to step 6, "Configure Ticket Types"
  3. Next to the ticket type in question click on "Edit"
  4. On part a go to step 5, "Inventory Limit". If you want to allow limitless ticket purchases, choose "No Limit". Otherwise, leave "Limited" checked and put some value in the box for "Maximum Number". This will determine how many tickets can be sold (of this ticket type) before a "Sold Out" message appears and tickets cannot be purchased.
  5. If you wish you can also set a limit to the number of tickets allowed per order in step 6.
If your ticketed event does not show "Available" or Sold Out" status, the layout of the page can be changed to display this information.
  1. Go to the event and click Edit 
  2. Go to Step 3, Configure Additional Information 
  3. At the bottom of the page, step 8 "Registration Page Layout" 
  4. Choose the Modern layout.