Record count in the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool keeps increasing when cleaning up records

When running the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool and reviewing records from its results, a user may run the tool again to update the record count. However, a user may notice that the record count increases instead of decreasing after cleaning up some records.

Each time the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool is run against The Raiser's Edge database, its results are a snapshot of suspected duplicates it finds at that point in time. If the duplicate record review/clean-up is occurring in a live database with daily updates being made (gift entry, solicitor contact reports, actions, etc.), then changes made in The Raiser's Edge since the last Duplicate Constituent Management Tool run will be reviewed. These can become new suspected duplicates, so the count can actually go up despite having reviewed ("de-duped") some other records.

It is recommended to run the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool and review its record. The Tool should only be run again when it is desired to review / incorporate new duplicates since Tool's last run.

The displayed information in the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool is dynamic meaning a user will see the latest information from a record upon clicking on its row to review in the Tool. So if Duplicate Constituent Management Tool is run and finds suspected duplicates. Then a user updates a record, such as changing a name or updating an address, where some records would no longer be duplicates. The Tool will display the latest information so you can either disregard that row and / or mark as not duplicates as desired.




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