1. Configure the new server to meet all requirements for The Raiser's Edge Web Services. The system requirements for The Raiser's Edge Web Service server need to be met in order for the server to work properly. See our pre-installation recommendations here.
  2. On the old server, open the Raiser's Edge Web Service web.config file and locate the RE7ServiceUsers credentials. Make note of the username\password next to value=.
    • Example: <add key="RE7ServiceUsers" value="username\password" />.
    • You'll need these for the new install. If the credentials are not entered exactly, the connection to the web components won't be successful.
  3. Download the necessary file from the downloads page from the NetCommunity link
  4. Run the installer on your new REWS server, and select the proper components:
    • The Raiser's Edge Plug-in
    • The Raiser's Edge Web Service
    • If your organization has Education Edge, also select The Education Edge Plug-in
  5. Configure the DNS of the REWS so that it resolves to the IP address for the new REWS server.
    • To confirm the URL of the REWS:
    • Note: these steps will not work if the connection between REWS and BBNC is not functioning
      1. Log in to the NetCommunity website
      2. Navigate to Administration > Sites and settings > Web services
      3. Confirm the URL Listed under The Raiser's Edge settings