How to put text on a new line in a new event registration forms event description

When entering information into the description section for an event in the new event registration form, there may be a need to separate information out on another line. Pressing the enter key will not display the information on a different line.

Beginning in version 6.58, the ability to have information on separate lines in the description section of an event registration form is possible by adding a break tag where you want the new line to begin. The break tag looks like the following: <br>

How to edit the description field on an event registration form part
  • Refer to step 3 in the New Event Registration form in the documentation above to get started.
From step 3, add <br> next to the area you want to see the line break.

Please attend our Golf Tournament.
Register today!

The above text will look like the text below on the event registration form page after you save and view the changes:

Please attend our Golf Tournament.
Register today!



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