This is a common problem, especially with large fundraising drives where one person is entering in a lot of donations on one computer. Whenever an interaction is made with our site and the constituent is new to our system, a contact record is created for them. Out of convenience to the constituent, by default whenever someone is automatically registered in this context they will be logged in. This can cause a lot of issues with donation drives, as if a constituent is logged in, even if their billing information is different from their contact information the donation will be attributed to their record. There are several solutions to this problem:
  1. Enter the donations on the back-end of the site - This is really only an option if you have a relatively small number of people that you are comfortable giving some admin access to.
  2. Add a logout link on the thank you page of the donation form, and instruct those entering the donations to logout after completing a transaction.
  3. Disable the functionality that logs in users who have been automatically registered. Note that this will affect all new constituents in every context that will create a contact record for them. The site option for this is called "CONS_AUTOREG_LOGIN", an advanced site admin may be able to change this value but if they cannot see this option please contact support and reference this solution ID to have this done for you.