Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. This message could appear when another user is currently accessing that student's record on another workstation. To verify this is the case, follow the steps below. 
    1. Select the Registrar's Office module option in The Education Edge.
    2. Click Records button.
    3. Search and attempt to open the student's record.  If you receive a message indicating that the record is currently being accessed by another user, continue to the next step. If not proceed to step 2.
    4. Have that user Save and Close the record, and log back into the NetCommunity Plugin to continue processing.

  2. The user trying to process the application does not have rights to the applicant record. To verify this is the case, follow the steps below.
    1. Log in as an administrator user to The Education Edge.
    2. Try to process the application. If the supervisor user is able to process the application, then the other user's rights will need to be updated in The Raiser's Edge in order to process the application.