If you setup an Admin Security Group to have the permission to author content in PageBuilder but not to manage content (the higher permission), then admins in that group will only be able to edit pages they've created. When they search in PageBuilder for a page that they did not create, there will be no edit option. However, another admin can send them a link directly to the edit page, and the other admin will be able to access that page. They can attempt to make edits and save the changes, but none of those changes will actually push to the live version. To fix this for a security group:
  1. Constituent 360 > Groups > "Administrator Group List" tab > Click "Edit Permissions" next to the group in question
  2. For the permission type choose "Content - PageBuilder Authoring Only"
  3. Choose the option to "Edit PageBuilder Content". This will give admins the ability to edit pages that were created by another admins.
Make sure to have affected admins logout and then log back in again to experience this change.