Here are the steps to setting up an ISP form:

  1. Create a donation form that will be the form used for instant self-pledges (ISP). We don't have a specific template, so for now pick the Basic Form template.
  2. Go to the Configure Donation Levels step.
  3. Edit the sole donation level.
  4. Change the Gift Amount to "An external application will specify the gift level amounts", and press Save .
  5. Go to the Design Donor Screens step.
  6. Edit the Donation Form Donor Screen.
  7. After Standard Donation Level data element (DE), add a TeamRaiser - Designated Upsell DE.
  8. Select the Designated Upsell DE and press Save Order and Edit Selected.
  9. Change the text as desired and press Finish.
  10. Edit the Thank You Page Donor Screen.
  11. Change the "Return to Home Page" link at the bottom of the screen to go to the Participant Page of the TR you created above.
  12. Press Finish, and then Cancel.
  13. Note the Form ID of the form you just created (in Name column).
  14. Publish the Form.