The primary differences between Advanced and Basic are:

1.  Advanced Mass Email will only send one email per email address (will not send duplicates), where as Basic Mass Email will allow you to send multiple emails to the same address if you're sending one per Journal Entry or you have multiple accounts with the same email address.

2.  In addition to the Opt Out Report available to all eTapestry users, there are three reports available for Advanced Mass Email users - the Delivery Report, the Scheduling Report, and the Usage Report. The Delivery Report allows you to view details about all of your mass email jobs, including delivery success rates and tracked opens and links. See more about the Delivery Report here

3.  Emails sent using Advanced Mass Email can be scheduled to go out at a later date and time. 

4.  No bounce messages will be received by the sender when using Advanced Mass Email. Recipients that fail to receive the email can be reviewed in the Delivery Report. 

5.  Advanced Mass Email has improved deliverability. This module will increase the chances of your recipients receiving the mass email. 

6.  Advanced Mass Email provides a Spam Check option. This allows you to test the email to see what items in your template are more likely to be flagged as spam.

7.  If your organization uses the Advanced Mass Email module, you can choose to include Forward to a Friend and View as a Web Page links in your email template using the checkboxes available under the Settings step within the template.