How to exclude households with revenue from an appeal mailing

In some cases, you want to send a mailing to all households who have not given money in a certain period of time.  If you create an exclusion query for all those who gave, it might not include the spouses who didn't actually send the check.  This solution explains how to create an exclusion query that will exclude all members of households, if one member of the household gave money.  
  1. Go to Administration > Smart Fields.
  2. Add a constituent revenue application amounts smart field.
  3. Go to the Parameters Tab.
  4. Select Value to return: Total Application Amount for household member revenue.
  5. Select the revenue and transaction types you are looking for.
  6. Enter the date range you are looking for.
  7. Click Save. 
  8. Process the smart field by clicking on the name of the smart field, then clicking Start Process on the top left corner.
  9. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  
  10. Add an ad-hoc query with source view of constituents.
  11. On the left, select the smart fields folder and select the name of the smart field.
  12. In the middle, select value and move this to Include Records Where.
  13. Set the criteria to value is greater than 0.
  14. Go to the Set Save Options.  Name the query, and mark the box to create a selection and show the selection in the query designer.
  15. Use the selection as an exclusion in the appeal mailing.  



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