Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Grant the appropriate NTFS rights
  2. If updating the workstation, grant the user local administrator rights
  3. Download and run REREGISTER.EXE.
  4. Reboot the workstation
  5. Download and run the RegFileAll.exe script (32-bit operating systems only)
  6. Download and run Process Monitor to determine if the user needs additional rights or if a file is missing:
    1. If Process Monitor indicates a user does not have the appropriate permissions, give the user necessary permission to that file
    2. If Process Monitor indicates a file is missing, copy the file from another workstation
  7. Manually update/repair the workstation
  8. Verify the server and workstation meet the system requirements, preferably exceeding them
  9. End task on all other programs. If you no longer receive the error, close all other programs when running The Raiser's Edge or upgrade the workstation.
  10. Add '%SystemRoot%\system32' to the beginning of the Path Statement in the Environmental Variables.
  11. Uninstall and re-install the Raiser's Edge on the workstation
  12. This error can also indicate a corrupt hard drive. Replace or repair the hard drive on the workstation and reinstall the software.
  • Note: The minimum system requirements allow The Raiser's Edge to run but may not be enough resources to also run other programs at the same time.
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