1. Create a constituent export.  
  2. Select Addressee/Salutations, Addressee and Salutations as fields to export.  
  3. In the right frame, highlight Addressee and click Format. The Additional Addressee/Salutation Format screen appears.

    Additional Addressee/Salutation Format

  4. On the Individuals tab, select one of the following:
    • From Individual: This option select addressees/salutations from the individual's constituent records.
      1. In the 'Use this addressee/salutation if present on the individual' drop-down, select the addressee to export.  
      2. In the 'Otherwise use' drop-down, select the addressee to export if your first choice is not present on the individual's record.  
    • From Configuration: This option selects from all the addressees/salutations listed on the Addressee/Salutation screen of Configuration. The program does not consider whether the addressee/salutation is selected on the individual's record.

      In the Use this addressee/salutation in Configuration drop-down, select the format to use for all individuals.

    • Use Individual Name: This option prints only the name of the individual.

      Refer to BB84141 for instructions on changing the name format.

  5. Repeat for the Salutation field.