To add reminder letters, follow these steps: 
  1. In Marketing & Communications, click Reminders
  2. On the Reminders tab, click Add
  3. Enter the name of the letter or select 'Use previous letter' to use another letter in the database  (*See the Tip below*)
  4. In the Letter recipients section, click Add
  5. Create a new ad-hoc revenue query or select from an existing revenue selection (This is the group of constituents you are mailing to)
Note: The Reminders process will only produce a letter for a pledge if the pledge has an installment that is past due. You may have pledges appear in your revenue selection that won't appear in your reminders process.
  1. Click OK
  2. Select to include/exclude inactive constituents
  3. In the Letter content section, click to send through Mail, Email or Mail and Email
  4. Click Add to define the mail content (write the letter)
Note: In the content editor, click the Merge Fields drop down list to insert merge fields. If you do not see a specific merge field in this list, click More fields... and select the specific merge field and click Save. This merge field will now show in the merge field drop down list. 
  1. Click OK
  2. Click Next
Note: If you need to add additional letters (For instance, you may want to add separate letters for capital campaign pledges, annual operating pledges, etc.) click Add Another Letter. Then, follow steps 3 through 11.
  1. Review the selections on this page
  2. Click Finish and Close
  3. Click Run Reminders
Tip: The letters generate in the order they appear in this list, starting with letter #1. A revenue transaction that appears in the selections of multiple letters is acknowledged with only the first applicable letter. We recommend you arrange your letters so those with specific audiences appear before those with general audiences. See acknowledgement process workflow for more information. 

For more information, please view our related solution Records are missing from the acknowledgements process (BB735677)