eCards behave in the same manner as all other autoresponders in Luminate, meaning they also use the same "From" address. You can find the From address being used in your eCards by finding the NOTIF_FROM SDP (BB744832). If the delivery issues were noticed for certain webmail addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, etc, then the issue could be that the domain of the From address does not contain a valid DNS SPF record.

Note: The SPF record is configured in the DNS for your domain and cannot be configured by Luminate support. This SPF documentation should be given to your DNS administrator or whoever hosts your domain.

If the eCards were sent as a result of a transaction such as by a Donation Form or eCommerce purchase, then unfortunately the eCard cannot be tracked or resent. The functionality reasoning for this is to maintain the integrity and privacy of the constituent's secured session during their transaction.