With the RELO integration if a record in Raiser's Edge is deleted this sends a action to the linked record in Luminate Online to be removed. This deletion can also occur if a merge was performed with the "Delete Source Constituent" checkbox marked.

NOTE: Marking a Constituent as "Inactive" in The Raiser's Edge has no effect on their corresponding Luminate Online records, as that field is not a mapped part of the integration.

To confirm that a Removed record in Luminate Online has been deleted in The Raiser's Edge: 
  1. Note the Member ID from the Luminate Online record, as this is a unique ID that maps between the two programs
  2. In The Raiser's Edge, create a new Constituent query
  3. On the Criteria tab, select Constituent Information > System Record ID equals [the value from the Member ID field]
  4. Click Run Now
  5. If the Raiser's Edge record has been deleted, no results will be returned