If you wish to re-establish the CRM Online Information then you need to first undelete the user and then generate a sign-up Transaction for that user. Once the sign up Transaction has been downloaded to a Batch, duplicate matching is successful and the Batch is committed then the CRM Constituent Online Information will be re-established.

Steps to re-establish the online information:

1.       In BBIS, login as Admin
2.       Search for the deleted user (Make sure you check the Deleted box)
3.       If you see the following: Blackbaud Enterprise Linked Constituent Information > Click  on ‘Break Link’ button (If you don’t see a ‘Break Link’ button that means the user wasn’t linked to CRM Constituent information)
4.       Click on ‘Undeleted and generate a sign-up transaction’ link
5.       Go to CRM
6.       Download the Sign Up Transaction > Validate > Make sure it finds the duplicate Constituent
7.       Commit the Batch
8.       Go to Constituent ‘Online Information’ page
9.       Notice all the information is re-established