Unable to change membership term in existing membership program

How can I add an additional term to my single term membership? After initial setup, some customers found that they needed to add a 2nd year term to their membership program. Once a membership program has been configured to have a single term (Ex. 1 year), it is no longer possible to go back and add additional terms.
If the membership was configured to be only one term, instead of multiple terms then we are unable to add multiple terms to the membership program after it has been created. 
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Alternative Solutions: 
  1. Add additional levels to reflect the multiple terms. For example: Individual 1 yr, Individual 2 yr. 
  2. Create a new membership program that is multiple terms.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Memberships tab
  2. Click the membership program name
  3. Notice there isn't a Terms and Levels tab to edit the terms

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