Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

We also recommend validating the import prior to importing

I. Create the Attributes in Raiser's Edge. 
How to create a new attribute, create new tables for attributes, and add an attribute to a record in The Raiser's Edge (includes video demo)
 add a new constituent attribute .

The attribute name will vary based on the purchase of the project but will be one of the following. You can open your results TXT file to see which attributes you need to create. 
DescriptionData Type
TAG:Lapsed InsightsTable
TAG:TM IndicatorsTable
TAG:Loyalty InsightsTable
TAG:Web IndicatorsTable
TAG:Sustainer IndicatorsTable
TAG:Target TagsTable
Import the Ratings.
If you have a Prospect Tab (RE7 search) on your Raiser's Edge records, you will import the ratings as prospect ratings. If you do not have the prospect tab you will import them as constituent attributes. 

Import as a Prospect Rating
  1. Select Admin then click import
  2. Select Prospect Rating from the Constituent node, or constituent attribute depending if you are importing tot he attributes tab or the prospects tab. 
  3. Select New and choose the following parameters
General Tab:
  • What do you want to do? Import New Records; Create new table entries, validate data only
  • What file do you wish to import? Browse to the import file
  • How do you want the system to identify existing constituents? Use the Import ID
  • What is the format of this import file? Delimited
File Layout Tab:
  • Field Separators and Text Qualifiers: Comma, Quotation
  • Import Field Names: Field names are on the first line of the import file
  • Sample Import Format: Verify the first few rows of the import file 
Fields Tab:
  • Import Fields: Verify that all rows in the Field to Import column are correctly mapped to the corresponding field in the Raiser's Edge Field column. 
Summary Tab:
  • We recommend marking all available check boxes. At the very least, mark the Create control report option

       4. Click Validate Now. If there are no exceptions uncheck the validate data only box on the general tab and run the import again to update all records.