When exporting report previews to Excel, the export can be "as-is" meaning as it appears on the screen is how it will appear in the Excel file. So some clean-up of formatting is often needed if the data is needed for further analysis in Excel.

The following steps use the tools of "Text to Columns" / Parsing and the CONCATENATE formula in Excel. Search the Excel help features to learn about these functions if you're not familiar with them. The directions below were developed using Excel 2007, but other versions of Excel should follow similar steps.

Run and export the Report

1. Run a Pledge Status report (BB58922) and click Preview to display it.

2. In the report preview, click Export (icon with downward red arrow into an envelope).

3. In the Export screen, set Format as Excel 8.0 (XLS) and Destination as Disk File. Click OK.

4. In the next screen, enter a file name for export file and select where it will be saved. Click Save.

5. Leave The Raiser's Edge and open the saved file in Excel.

Move over the date in Excel**

6. Highlight column B. Right-click on the B at the top of the column. Select Insert.

7. Repeat step 6 three more times.

8. Highlight column A.

9. Click on Data in menu bar. Select Text to Columns.

10. In the Convert Text to Columns Wizard window that appears, on step 1 of 3 set Original Data Type to Delimited. Click Next.

11. In the Convert Text to Columns Wizard window that appears, on step 2 of 3 under Delimiters, mark Other: and type / in the box. Unmark any other delimiters that may be selected (tab, semicolon, comma, space).

12. Click Finish.

13. Click OK to the alert that asks "Do you want to replace the contents of the destination cells?"

14. The data will parse (separate) into three columns. The data may appear as dates, which is okay for now.

15. In column D beside the first row of dates (about row 17), create a Concatenate formula (BB520814) as follows. This example is for dates on row 17:


16. Press Return to see the results of the formula. If entered correctly, it will appear as original pledge date.

17. Copy / Paste or auto-fill the formula from the cell the step 17 going down beside all names and dates. It's okay if names, cells with //, and blank cells appear as those can be cleaned up later.

18. Highlight column D. Right-click on the D and select Copy.

19. Highlight column E. Right-click on the E and select Paste Special.

20. In the Paste Special options screen, under Paste select Values and under Operation select None. Click OK.

Move up the dates in Excel**

21. Click on the empty cell by the first name of report in column B, at or near cell B15.

22. Highlight that cell and all cells to the right for the width of the report over all columns that have data in them.

23. Right-click on the highlighted cells and select Delete.

24. In the Delete options, select Shift Cells Up. Click OK.

25. Repeat steps 22 - 24 until the dates are even with the name, usually 2 - 4 times in total.

Edit report formatting and appearance in Excel**

25. Remove extra date columns: Highlight columns B, C, D. Right-click on D. Select Delete.

26. Adjust Report Headers as needed to match columns.

27. Review the report to clean up further as needed, such as removing data between names. Note: Review report carefully before using any sort to clean up data in case a donor has multiple pledges listed.

**Note on the Excel steps:
Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.