1. Click Account
  2. Click the Add Account button
  3. Mark the Team Role only
  4. Select Family from the Name Format drop down menu
  5. Enter the Team Name in the Account Name field 
  6. Enter any additional information in the persona fields that is necessary
  7. Click Save And Go to Journal
  8. Click Add, and select Participation.
  9. Select the Fundraiser and add the desired date
  10. Click Save And Edit
  11. At the bottom of the Participation entry, you will see links for Add and Remove
  12. Click Add
  13. In the search box that appears, enter the name of  the participant you would like to add to the team.
  14. Click their name once you locate them (you will need to create an account for them and add a participant journal entry to their account, if they don't have one yet)
  15. You will now see their name listed
  16. Click Save And under Tasks