Payment information is entered into a secure web form in Luminate Online™ or Luminate CRM™ and is then forwarded to a payment gateway and credit card processor before being deposited into your bank account.

The process is seamless once it is set up, but there are several important initial steps that you need to take.
  1. Select a payment gateway and credit card processor. (Blackbaud Merchant Services™ comes with Luminate as the default end-to-end processor.)
  2. Submit your application. (This step is not required if your organization will use Blackbaud Merchant Services).
  3. Configure your gateway and processor (not required for Blackbaud Merchant Services).
  4. In addition to accepting credit cards, Luminate Online and Luminate CRM users may also accept payments via ACH/direct debit, and PayPal. There may be a setup fee for each of these payment options, and you contract directly with the third-party providers who offer them.
How to Select a Payment Gateway and Credit Card Processor:

Some of the advantages of choosing Blackbaud Merchant Services include:
  • MobilePay: This is a mobile app that allows you to collect funds while fundraising out in the field.
  • OneRate: Every client pays the same rate with no additional fees. There are no monthly or startup fees.
  • Immediate Setup: You will be ready to use your account immediately after it is set up and we handle most of this process for you.
  • Credit Card Update: This feature will automatically update Credit Cards that have expired or have become invalid (while remaining PCI compliant).
You may select another payment gateway and processor, but there will be additional fees, applications, and setup time. For more information on Blackbaud Merchant Services and alternative payment processors, you can contact a Payment Services Specialist at Typically, it takes five to eight business days to evaluate providers and make a final decision; therefore, it is important to do your research well in advance of when you would like to begin accepting online credit card transactions.