To access Automatic Processing, click the Options link in the right hand corner of the Luminate Online plug in page. Select Automatic Processing from the left hand side. By default, these options will not be turned on.
New Records From Luminate Online:
When marked, this option will automatically process new records created in Luminate Online into The Raiser’s Edge. When this option is marked, the new constituents from Luminate Online will no longer come into the plug in. Instead, a record will automatically be created for them and will be populated with information from their Luminate Online record. Gifts from the new constituents will still appear to be processed in the Luminate Online plug in.
Updates to linked Luminate Online records:
When marked, this option will automatically process updates from Luminate Online to the corresponding linked Raiser’s Edge constituent. This only applies to those constituents who have previously been linked between the two programs. This means that the records were either initially linked during the implementation process, or they came through the plug in previously and were linked by a user. When those existing records are updated in Luminate Online, the changes will flow to The Raiser’s Edge record automatically, without any processing needed in the plug in.
Exclude records from Automatic Processing:
This allows users to include a query of records to exclude from the automatic updates. Users can select a constituent query or query list, which can be dynamic or static. This can be helpful if you have a list of board members or major donors and would like to review updates to the records instead of automatically sending them to the Raiser’s Edge records.  Users would then see any updates to these records listed in the plug in for manual processing.
Exceptions to Automatic Processing:
Automatic Processing will not apply to new records from Luminate Online that are matched to records in The Raiser’s Edge using the Constituent Matching options. In other words, if the Luminate Online plug in matches a Luminate Online record to a Raiser’s Edge record based on the Matching criteria in the plug in options, that record will still appear in the Luminate Online plug in for manual review. This allows users the option to unlink records if they are incorrectly matched by the plug in at first.
You can turn Automatic Processing on or off at any time in the Luminate Online plug in options.