Error: [Bankname] is currently not listed as a Bank in Configuration - when processing a direct debit donation

While processing a direct debit donation transaction in the NetCommunity plugin with a Financial Institution value which does not already exist in the table in The Raiser's Edge, clicking the binoculars/search icon for the Financial Institution field in the New Bank/Financial Institution for [constituent name] window does not load the Bank/Financial Institution search interface.

Instead, clicking the binoculars/search icon may produce the following message. The error prevents us from selecting an existing Bank record without first adding an undesired code table entry:

The Raiser's Edge
[Bank Name] is currently not listed as a Bank in Configuration.  Do you want to add [Bank Name] to Configuration?
Yes   No  

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution:

  1. Click Yes at the prompt
  2. Process the transaction as normal
  3. Once the new bank has been added, merge the banks together in configuration


  1. Click No at the prompt and then exit the window, leaving the bank linking information for the transaction unlinked. 
  2. Open the donor's constituent record and manually create the relationship to the appropriate Financial Institution. Note: The Account Number and Routing Number must be entered in manually 
  3. Click Save and Close
  4. Open the donation transaction again
  5. Click Find Bank. The relationship that you just created will now be available for selection when linking the bank information on the donation transaction. 
  6. Select that relationship to link the bank information, then proceed to finish processing the transaction normally

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Submit a donation transaction with a direct debit payment method and no branch name specified
  2. Click Donations in the NetCommunity plugin in The Raiser's Edge
  3. Open the transaction, observe that the "Linked Bank" box is empty
  4. Click Find Bank
  5. Click Add New
  6. Click the search/binoculars icon next to the Financial Institution field 
  7. Observe the message that appears:
The Raiser's Edge
heritage trust fcu is currently not listed as a Bank in Configuration.  Do you want to add heritage trust fcu to Configuration?
Yes   No  
  1. Click No
  2. Observe that you cannot effectively search for a different bank/financial institution without first adding an undesired entry to RE > Config > Tables > Banks


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 6.58.806 patch 4

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