There are multiple things that should be done to prepare for next year as well as close out this year. The first step for moving forward is to create the academic year.
Once the academic year has been created, we can prepare the students’ records for next year. The first step will be to run the Mark for Reenrollment wizard. This will create the progression entry needed to begin scheduling for next year. You will also want to Enroll Applicants from the Admissions side to prepare those students for scheduling as well. This can be done at any time, since it only creates the progression entry and does not affect the student’s current standing.
In order to begin scheduling, we have to prepare the course, faculty, and room records for the new academic year. To save time, we can copy the restrictions from the current academic year to the new year. Just like creating the progression entries for students, these new restrictions can be created at any time because they do not affect the current year’s setup.
At this point, the students’ records and the course/faculty/room records are ready for scheduling. Here are some additional links for the scheduling process.
Once the school year is actually complete and all grades have been entered and finalized, then you will want to run the End of Year Processing wizard, which will promote students to the next grade.