While this is a rarely seen issue, from time to time, processing transactions in the NetCommunity plug-in can cause the Raiser's Edge to hang while creating the batch. The globe icon just sits there spinning, and will continue to spin until someone force closes the Raiser's Edge. 

If your version of NetCommunity is 6.58, patch 4 or higher... 
Force-close the Raiser's Edge by doing an "End Task" for the Raiser's Edge in the Task Manager, [CTRL + ALT + DELETE], and simply log back into the Raiser's Edge. The transactions should still be waiting in the plug-in to be processed. 

**Note:  If Blackbaud hosts NetCommunity and you host the Raiser's Edge. To prevent from losing transactions, before ending the task, access the NetCommunity plugin from another workstation or the web server and check the transaction back in.

**Note: If you are fully hosted by Blackbaud, you will be logging into the Raiser's Edge through a Citrix environment. When you force-close the Raiser's Edge through the Task Manager, make sure that you end the Raiser's Edge task, and not just Citrix. If you only force-close the Citrix task, and then re-login to the Raiser's Edge, the actual Raiser's Edge session will still be there waiting unchanged with the globe icon still spinning. You must be sure to close the Raiser's Edge itself. 

If your version of NetCommunity is 6.58, patch 3 or lower... 
The affected transactions would be lost if you simply close the Raisers Edge and reopen it. We need to check these transactions back in to prevent them from being lost.
Find someone else in your organization that can log into the Raiser's Edge on another machine.
Have them access the NetCommunity plug-in, and open the transaction type you were working in: Donations, Event Registrations, et cetera...
Have them click "Select All" at the bottom and press the key combination, [CTRL + ALT + F6]. This will bring up a prompt asking you if you'd like to check these transactions back in.
Select, Yes. 
Go back to the computer where the Raiser's Edge is stuck. Force close the Raiser's Edge on that machine, and log back in. 

The transactions should still be waiting in the plug-in to be processed. 

**Note: If you run into any issues, or after you complete these steps, the transactions are no longer in the plug-in, call Blackbaud Product Support for NetCommunity and explain what has happened to a Support Specialist.