When the online reenrollment form comes in to the plugin in The Education Edge, the field values that show at the bottom of the form processing window will be highlighted. Highlighted fields indicate that there are fields changed in the form submission that differs from the information that exists on the records. However, there is no popup window to show you that there are fields changed. When processing the form, you will just have to check to see if the fields are highlighted to note a change.

When you see that the relationships fields have changed, you will need to click the View Relationship Matches button in the window to view the relationships information. You will notice that the name entered on the form will show under relationship name, and it will be different than the matching record listed. If you view the match, it will still show that it is linked to the relationship record who prepopulated on the form.

To remove the match if it is incorrect, you will need to highlight the relationship whose information has changed, and click the Remove Matches button. This will remove the match from the pre-existing record so the information is not updated with the new relationships information. If you need to then add a match, you can click the Add a Match button and find the correct record. By adding a match, you are adding another relationship to the student record. This will keep the existing relationship on the record, and will not remove the existing relationship. You will need to manually remove the pre-existing relationship if needed.

If you leave the existing match, and just process the form, the existing record will be overwritten with the new value.