The profile form has a section for spouse information that allows users to edit the spouse field on their Raisers Edge record. Some users may want to delete the spouse that is there, and enter a new spouse. If the user marks the checkbox for "Please remove this Spouse/Partner from my record," the spouse fields will be unable to be edited. The profile form is designed so that users can edit the fields, and simply click the Update button to update profile information.

  1. The user will need to go to the Profile Update form page
  2. Users edit the spouse fields to enter the new information for the spouse. The spouse fields will have the existing spouse information in the fields. This can be deleted from the field, and the new spouse information entered in.
  3. Click Update button

This will submit a new profile update transaction in The Raisers Edge for the user. An RE database user will need to process the Raisers Edge profile update transaction, in order for the new information to display on the user record and on the profile update form for the user.