Workstation Interface works as administrator but not as other Windows users

When logged in as a Windows user that is not an administrator, Workstation Interface has a red x next to it.  When clicking on workstation interface, the options are to repair or remove, not install.  When logging in as the Windows Administrator, the workstation interface has a green checkmark next to it.
 Try the following steps until the issue is resolved: 
  1. Disable the User Account Control.
  2. While logged in as the user, open Internet Explorer and add the following trusted sites:
    1. Select Internet Options.
    2. On the Security Tab, click Trusted Sites, then Sites.
    3. Enter the following trusted sites: 
  3. In Internet Explorer, select Internet Options.  On the Security tab, click Custom level.  In the Active X Section, mark to enable automatic prompting of Active X Controls.
  4. Install Google Chrome, then install IE Tab.  If workstation interface works in Google Chrome when clicking on IE Tab, the issue is with Internet Explorer.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer or upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer.



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