Luminate Online is Ready for CASL Today
  • Individual donors must specifically “opt-in” to receive communications – Whether it is making a donation or registering for an event, constituents have the opportunity to elect to receive communications.
  • “Opt-outs” are included in email communications – Users wishing to unsubscribe from your emails can easily click the links included in their communications.
  • Autoresponder emails are covered by exceptions based on related, voluntary transactions – Autoresponders are often sent to complete, confirm (receipt), or facilitate a previous transaction such as a donation or registration.
  • eCards are now capable of having the email opt-in checkbox unselected by default. Follow the normal steps to create an eCard campaign or you can modify an existing campaign. On step 3. Edit eCard Form, under the Sender and Recipient Options, you will see a checkbox for "Email Opt-in Checkbox Default."
  • A site configuration can be adjusted by Luminate support to unselect the default opt-in checkbox for Tell-A-Friend. If you would like to adjust this setting, then please Contact Support and reference this article. 
Some Steps You Should Take
  1. Discuss CASL with your organization’s legal counsel.
  2. Verify that your forms are not using a hidden opt-in (in others words, don’t “Hide the email opt-in checkbox”)
  3. Configure your forms to remove the default email opt-in (the opt-in should not be checked by default)
  4. Verify that your emails contain proper identification information – All emails should contain the organization’s name, postal address and one of the following: phone number, web address, or email address.
  5. Review the Blackbaud’s Acceptable Use Policy for Application Services or Convio’s Application Use Policy – Operating under the terms of the Blackbaud agreements help protect you from CASL infractions.  
  6. For all Canadian email addresses added to your email marketing database after July 1, 2014, CASL requires you to document consent, either implied or express. To assist with finding these email addresses, we have added an Email opt-in status report.

Note: These materials are provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue.