DECLINEThis is the most generic decline code the bank can return, and it does not give a specific reason.  It can be for a number of reasons including, insufficient credit/funds, fraud alert, closed account, daily restriction, etc.If any credit cards were rejected due to AVS ((Address Verification Service), then the error would be listed as “AVS FAILURE” instead of “DECLINE” or any other message.
CARD NO. ERRORThis can indicate that the card number, though numerically valid and passing a MOD10 check, is not valid as an open account.  This was very commonly seen after the Target breach where many cardholders chose to have a new account number issued to them, and then did not update that information with organizations to whom they were making payments. 
HOLD-CALLThis is a bank decline indicating that the bank is denying authorization, but in a retail environment, the merchant can hold the card physically and call the number on the back for further verification and possibly authorization.  This could be due to a fraud alert or some other restriction. 
EXPIRED CARDThis is similar to card no. error in that it can mean that the account is no longer valid.  It can be returned even though the expiration date on the card is actually still in the future. 
SERV NOT ALLOWEDThis indicates that the card is restricted to be used only at certain types of businesses.  Certain benefits cards can only be used to purchase food or fuel for example. 
STOP RECURRINGThe bank or its cardholder has requested to stop the account from being charged by your merchant account on a recurring basis. 
NO ACCOUNTThis one is also similar to card no. error, it can be returned if the account is no longer open or if an invalid card number was supplied. 
NO REPLYThe processor did not get a response from the issuer.  This could be a temporary communication issue on the bank's end. 
INVALID C_CITYThis is not a bank decline but rather a gateway error indicating that the gateway received an invalid or missing value for the City field on the transaction. 
NO SUCH ISSUERThis is another one that could indicate the account is no longer valid, or it could mean the account never existed (false cardnumber that happens to pass MOD10 check) 
INVALID TRANSThis is  a very vague and rare decline.  It could indicate a bad cardnumber or communication issue during the transaction. 
FAILURE CVA Failure CV is a Card Validation error. This means that the card type attempted has not been activated on the account. Please contact Technical Support for assistance. 
Invalid C_RTE means the Routing Number (i.e. Bank_ID) is incorrect.