1. In the gift query with split gift output, add a unique record identifier such as Gift ID or Gift Import ID on its Output tab.
  2. In the same gift query Sort tab, specify a sort order by the same field used in step 1.
  3. Run the query and export its results.
  4. In Excel, insert a column beside the unique identifier.
  5. On the second data row (not including the header) insert the following formula: =IF(cell1=cell2,"split","not split")
  6. Replace cell1 with the label of the row above and cell2 with the current row.
  7. Auto-fill the column to populate the column with the formula
For example:
1Gift ID  Gift AmountFund Split Amount 
21234  $25$15 
31234=IF(A2=A3,"split","not split") $25$10 
41235=IF(A3=A4,"split","not split") $25$25 
51236=IF(A4=A5,"split","not split") $25$25 
61237=IF(A5=A6,"split","not split") $25$25 

This will display as follows:
1Gift ID  Gift AmountFund Split Amount 
21234  $25$15 
31234split $25$10 
41235not split $25$25 
51236not split $25$25 
61237not split $25$25